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If you like answering quizzes and polls, then Bing Weekly Quiz is for you!Tons of people love quizzes becuase they can have fun while learning new things. Now, on Bing, you can find a new quiz that covers a lot of news and important topics in the world.

So, if you love quizzes, then this is for you!

  1. Bing Weekly Quiz in History
  2. Where can I take the Bing Weekly Quiz?
  3. What should I do if I've trouble seeing the quiz?

Bing Weekly Quiz in History

Bing is going for a new way of building relationships with its users. In 2015, quizzes were the most shared content in Facebook, and this was because people have fun with them while learning and sharing them with friends. Because of that, Bing wants to bring back the quizzes to its page to encourage the users to come back.

There are different quizzes, like the homepage quiz and others.

Wait, but what’s a Bing Weekly Quiz? Basically, it’s a questionary that covers most of the news that happened over the last week in your country, city, and the world, so the idea is to see if you can take the quiz and pass it by answering all the questions in the right way!

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Where can I take the Bing Weekly Quiz?

If you’d like to accept the challenge, you should go through the main page of Bing,, and after clicking on “Bing Fun” you’ll be able to access the different polls, including the Weekly Quiz. The subjects and topics changes every week.

You will see different questions, up to 7 in total. Often, the questions are about that week’s news, so that’s a good chance for you to test if you are up to date. If you answer them all right, you’ll get some points as a reward, those can be saved and later exchanged for gift cards or other prizes.

You should take a look at Bing’s reward program previously to see if you can play this game.

What should I do if I've trouble seeing the quiz?

Bing Weekly Quiz isn’t available everywhere, and the rewards are offered only at some coutnries, so to see it, you must set English as your home language.

Only after that, you’ll be able to see and participate on this quizzes, but maybe you can’t claim any rewards with your points, so make sure to check this before.

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